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Has your laptop screen cracked? Is your monitor not displaying anything? Or maybe your hard drive is making a noise and you are not seeing a signal on the screen? Perhaps your PC is completely dead and is not powering up?

We know that this can be frustrating and could even affect your work and productivity. And we understand how important your PC or laptop is to your daily life – including surfing the web, connecting with family and friends, shopping, online banking and so on. And we want to get you back up quickly and using it without any disturbances.

We can repair and service all makes and models and troubleshoot all hardware issues. And our expert technicians will diagnose and repair your computer problems in as little time as possible.

What services are available?

Our service involves repairing laptops and PCs running Windows, Mac OSX or GNU/Linux. And we offer a free quote and advice.

And here’s a sample of what you get from our repair service: 
• Virus and malware (malicious software) removal 
• Startup issues resolved
• Crashes and stability 
• Backups and simple file recovery 
• OS Upgrades and reinstalls 
• Laptop hard drive replacements
 We can come to you

Whether you’re at home, at school, at a business location - we will come to you. We offer a complete mobile computer repair service and respond quickly to your PC repair request. Our Octabit experts will help you solve any issues and bring your PC or laptop to a perfect working state.

We will tune up your device and get it back to its original perfect working state. And most important we provide inspection of your computer or laptop free of charge.

We offer the same great service in our premises
We stock a wide range of PC parts including hard drives, memory sticks, processors, PC cases, drives and more and can repair or upgrade your computer or laptop while you wait in most cases.

Anything you need in hardware or software please give us a call, at the very least we can guide on what or not to buy, even if you don’t buy from us!!

We fix it right the first time and we aim to provide the highest quality of service available.

Computer Security and Safety

Is your computer running slower than usual? Are Pop-ups with advertising appearing out of nowhere and slowing down your PC and causing annoyance?

If it is, then you’ve joined the millions who’ve experienced the deadly nature of malware (malicious Software) infection.
Malware is the biggest threat online today, and billions of dollars are lost each year to criminals and hackers using malware to carry out their nefarious activities.

There are many types of malware threats and the major ones include viruses, spyware, Trojans, adware, keyloggers, worms and others. And all these threats play different roles, but have the same goal of attacking your PC. That usually leads to a sluggish PC that is unresponsive and removing this malware is critical including blocking it for good too.

You know you need a Malware Removal service when: 

• Your Computer will not boot up
• Your PC shows the Blue Screen of Death
• Your PCs web browsing speed may be slow and unresponsive
• You are bombarded with pop-up ads
• Malicious software may shut down or disable your anti-virus software and block your firewall program
• Your PC is not behaving as it should

Why Us?

 You won’t be disappointed with our work and that’s because our team consists of experienced and friendly people who focus on customer satisfaction and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

 And here’s what you can expect from our computer security and safety service:

• Certified Professionals that understand malware and how to tackle it
• Solutions that protect from targeted attacks originating from malware-compromised machines
• Tools that tune-up your PC and remove the offending items that cause it to slow-down during use
• Advice on how you can prevent malware infection and speed up your PC
• Fast response times to your call and visiting your premises to fix your PC performance problems.

Our service also includes installing parental control software to block unsafe websites, protecting you and your children. We can do that in your home and provide you with extra security to protect your online transactions from cyber threats.

 Contact us today for a free quote. The longer you leave it the worse the problem can get. That could lead to both business and personal information loss.

Computer Performance

We understand how completely frustrating it is when your work is due but your computer’s performance has been compromised. And we know how costly it can be to get the right people to solve the problem and bring your PC or laptop back to life.

Some symptoms of poor computer performance include: 

·         PC slowing down for no apparent reason (even when it’s still new)

·         Takes a long time to boot

·         Pages take a long time to load in your browser

·         Your software take ages to start up before you can actually use it

·         Your email program run as slow as a snail marathon

Usually malware is the culprit in these situations. In its different forms it attacks various parts of your PC and makes it unresponsive as you attempt to complete various tasks. And it puts you in danger of losing your data and personal information to hackers and cyber criminals.

Your PC may also be sluggish because your memory and CPU resources aren’t meeting your current usage demands. And if you haven’t updated your software and upgraded the hardware in a long time then it’s likely your PC performance will be poor.

Some other reasons your computer is slow are corrupt Operating System, not enough hard drive space, left over programs and files, missing windows files or outdated drivers, computer overheating and data corruption.

It’s time to stop these problems now and for good!

The Octabit Solution

Octabit is a proactive IT support firm that specialises in computer support for small to medium sized businesses and residential customers. We have a team of experienced and highly qualified IT experts and we have the resources to bring your computer performance up to the required standards.

Octabit provide free inspection of your PC or laptop and help solve any issues and bring your device to a perfect working state. We may deem that you need to upgrade your memory, hard drive, CPU or graphics card to increase the performance of your computer.

And if your computer is infected by a virus, we will disinfect it and install security software that will protect it in the future.


As we continue to add iPods, laptops and PCs in our homes, there comes a time when we need to share information, whether it’s on the internet, or while transferring files. It may also be when we want to print from all computers to a single printer or home network, which may mean a wired or wireless network is the answer.

At Octabit we have home and business network installation experts that come to your home or business and install your devices to operate from a single network. We can setup a wired/wireless network in your home and make it very easy for you to have internet everywhere around the house.

Network Installation Features

·         No longer need to transfer files to portable devices like flash drives, CD-ROMs or memory sticks and then upload them to a PC

·         Your printers, tablets, PCs, laptops can all be connected to your single network and allow ease of access for all users

·         Your network opens another dimension in gaming by making use of multi-player features between computers on the network

·         Easy to add devices to the network when it has been set up

·         No bouncing from one system to another just to print out an email message

·         Peripherals can be shared similarly on the network such as scanners, web cams and CD burners

·         It is all as easy as clicking a mouse

We provide this and more at Octabit and we understand that newer home entertainment devices like digital video recorders (DVRs) and game consoles now support wired or wireless home networking. That’s why we offer an all-round network installation service that allows you to have online gaming, video sharing and other advanced features

Call us today and we will configure and set up your network whatever your requirements. Whether you’re a single user requiring a simple Wi-Fi connection, printer sharing and broadband router setup, we can provide you a high quality service and peace of mind

We also provide a network and Wi-Fi router fault finding and repair service for PC desktop and laptop users. And we offer these services at your home, work, business, place of education all throughout the week.

Data Recovery

You have come to the right place if you have a faulty hard drive, USB or memory card and fear you may have lost your data. We are dedicated data recovery professionals with skills to recover data from all types of faulty internal hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives, and USB drives used in PCs and Macs.

Why work with Octabit?

There are many data recovery firms that claim to have the knowledge and expertise to recover your data. And some of them even promise a no-fix no-fee service and sound appealing. However, they fail to deliver the goods when it’s most needed and even waste your time when you could be working with a trusted company like Octabit.

Here’s what we promise and deliver at Octabit: 

·         On-site data recovery – We come to your home or office and carry out a full diagnosis and use our expertise to recover your data

·         Free inspection of your computer or laptop

·         We bring your hard drive back to a perfect working state

·         No-Data No-Fee – If we don’t recover your data, we won’t charge you anything

·         No hidden costs – You only pay what we’ve quoted you


Data recovery is a delicate business that requires solid expertise. It demands specialist recovery skills due to physical damage of the storage device or damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system.

Most data recovery scenarios involve an operating system failure in which case the goal is to move all the data on the OS to another disk. There are programs that can accomplish this but the results are mixed.

At Octabit we follow a number of techniques in recovering data from physically damaged hardware. We know that some data may be recovered by simply replacing the hard disk and this alone may make the disk usable. However there may still be logical damage.

We use a specialised disk-imaging procedure to recover every reliable bit from the surface. Once we’ve acquired this image and saved it on a reliable medium, we then safely analyse the image for logical damage and we will possibly allow much of the original file system to be reconstructed.

We follow this and other similar techniques to recover data and we have a high success rate.

Contact us today for a free quote and we will solve any of your data recovery issues and we will bring your device to a perfect working state.

Digital Storage

Octabit provides storage for physical paper documents and files. Our service includes customised scanning and imaging services to transfer your physical documents and files to electronic records. We ensure that you can minimise significantly the amount of time and resources you spend on organising, searching, and managing your vital information.

Octabit digital storage service includes:

There are many data recovery firms that claim to have the knowledge and expertise to recover your data. And some of them even promise a no-fix no-fee service and sound appealing. However, they fail to deliver the goods when it’s most needed and even waste your time when you could be working with a trusted company like Octabit.

Here’s what we promise and deliver at Octabit: 

·        We provide on-site scanning services for cases when your documents can’t leave the office or your home


·        Converting of plans, drawings, documents and manuals to digital images

·        Transfer of your images to media such as CD-ROM, DVD, USB and external hard drives

·        Storage and indexing of your documents and files to hosted servers for secure online access

·        For accounts payable – we provide invoice processing services and streamlined audit processes

·        Scan-on-demand – we provide electronic delivery of paper documents on an as needed basis, which can be useful if you need to access files stored far away

You can now realise the advantages of digital technology without the large and ever changing purchase of hardware, software and the hiring of staff.

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